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Setting up a company or opening a business is a decisive step

At Caine Asesores our team of professionals will guide you in choosing the legal form of the company, its name, the constitution and registration in the Commercial Registry, and the needs that arise since its constitution.

When considering the start of a business or professional activity, different fiscal, labor and legal aspects must be taken into account, which will affect the liability of the partners, the taxation system, administrative obligations, etc.


Constitution of companies and registration of Self-Employed

  • Civil societies.
  • Communities of goods.
  • Limited companies.
  • Anonymous Societies.

Modification of Companies

  • Increase and reduction of capital. Statutory modifications.
  • Social restructuring operations. Transformation, merger, dissolution and liquidation of companies.
  • Change of address in S.A. / S.L. Increase and decrease of capital in S.A. / S.L. 
  • Modification of the corporate purpose in S.A. / S.L.
  • Commercial contracts (lease, transfer, services, agency).
Creation of a commercial company: operational in 15 days. We establish your company and analyze what type of company is appropriate for your activity.

We are experts in Business Creation. Opening a Company is a decisive step and we will analyze the alternatives together and advise you on the best option for establishing a company.

The requirements to create a company can be very different depending on the type of business or company that is going to be created. Whether you are an SME, Company or Self-Employed, we will begin the process of creating and establishing the most interesting legal form.

Since 1989 at Caine Asesores we have established more than 300 companies, Limited and Anonymous, in all types of sectors.
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